Don Bosco International

The college is managed by Don Bosco society, commonly known as “ the Salesians of Don Bosco”, which was founded by Don Bosco, an eminent educationalist in Italy. A religious order of the Catholic Church, the Society has over 32000 members working in 132 countries, through a global network of educational and social service organizations which includes 14 universities, 58 colleges and 2062 colleges. Thus Don Bosco reaches out to the world of youth.

In view of its reach and expertise in the field of education, catering to over 9 million young people currently the world over, the society enjoys consultancy status at the United Nations.
In India, the Salesians of don Bosco began their operations way back in 1906. Its services are offered through the Assam Don Bosco University, 25 colleges, over 100 technical colleges and a large network of high colleges and scores of non-formal technical and agricultural training centers, spread across the country, covering the entire spectrum of social development. The government of India has recognized the Salesians of Don Bosco as Largest non-governmental provider of technical education in the country.
Through its 3000+ Colleges, Colleges, Technical colleges and youth centers the Salesians of Don Bosco has a profound influence on young people irrespective of religious differences or social inequalities.